Bond Roofing specializes in all aspects of residential roofing, commercial roofing, strata roofing, industrial roofing & emergency roof repairs. We use only the top products and all of our installations are done in accordance with local building codes and manufacturer specifications.

Our customers can rest easy with our dependable labour warranties and our $2,000,000 3rd party liability insurance policy.

Our roofing professionals are there to help and educate you regarding the variety of options you have for your new roof. We will be there step by step to ensure you make the correct decisions so when your new roof is installed, you will be completely satisfied.

► Fibreglass Laminate Shingles

Laminated shingles are the most common type of shingle available and installed today. This is because they offer a very pleasing appearance, enhancing the visual appeal of your project. With a Fibreglass core instead of paper there is no shrinkage, cracking and there is less granule loss.

We offer a wide variety of designs and colors for our customers, including lifetime designer shingles and various types of venting systems, such as:

  • CertainTeed (Landmark, Landmark TL, Presidential TL)
  • Pabco Premier
  • GAF Timberline Series
  • Iko Cambridge




► Low Slope (Flat) Roofing

  • 2-ply Torch-On Membrane Systems
  • SOPRAFIX Mechanically Fastened Systems
  • COLVENT Self-Adhesive flameless solution Systems
  • SINGLE-PLY Roofing Systems.

Torch-on roofs are a strong, durable option for flat/low-slope roofs. We offer several different systems depending on your building requirements and needs.  Torch-on roofs are applied with a propane torch rather than a hot mop, and this system eliminates the unpleasant odor of hot mop procedures. It comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses to meet different requirements which depend on the job. Benefits of installing a torch on roof include:


  • The synthetic rubberized material combined with asphalt makes torch-on roofing extremely flexible.
  • During climate change, extreme weather conditions or building settlement torch-on roofing can shift as required and resist brittleness.
  • Torch-on roofing also provides excellent waterproofing and insulation qualities, and is a fire, wind, and hail rated roofing system.


► Cedar Shake Re-roof/Conversions

Bond Roofing will convert your old cedar roof to a new fibreglass laminate shingle roof system. This consists of stripping your old roof and installing new plywood sheathing overtop of the existing wood strapping. This is followed by our standard fibreglass shingle roof installation.

We also can re-roof your old ceder roof to a new cedar roof, which come in several different styles and thicknesses.


► Concrete Tile Maintenance/Repairs

It is very important anyone walking on your tile roof is experienced in working with tiles roofs. Tiles can be walked on without damaging the roof, however an unfamiliar person can easily crack/damage tiles. Other common tile roof problems include:

a) Broken or cracked tiles, which are usually very easy to locate and replace.

b) Tile roofs are very susceptible to moisture penetration from wind driven rain or snow more than any other type of roofing product. That is why the underlayment, batten system, and flashing and how they are installed is so very important and is the key to how long a tile roof lasts.

c) Flashings around chimneys, skylights, valleys and vents need to be kept clean and free of moss and/or dirt buildup to maintain good water flow down the roof.

Call Bond Roofing for any of your tile needs.


► Chimney/Skylight Service/Repairs



Many homeowners have problems with water leakage that are associated with brick chimneys. This can manifest in a number of ways such as:


a) Water runs down the flue.

b) Water runs down the brickwork inside the house or attic.

This is often caused by a number of things; the flashing around the chimney being inadequate, worn, corroded, or that it was improperly installed in the first place. Another common issue is that the top of the chimney is cracked or loose and that water is entering at the top and running down inside the chimney and coming out anywhere along the way. We offer re-enforcing the existing masonry or installing new, cleaning, re-pointing, waterproof or rebuilding your chimney.



Much like chimneys, skylights can pose many water leakage problems for homeowners. These can result from a number of things such as:

a) Rainwater flows down the roof, collects at the top of the skylight, builds up, and eventually finds a place around the edges where it can penetrate inside. This is a result of the seal failing where the skylight's glass meets the frame.

b) Again like chimneys, problems arise when the flashing around the skylight is inadequate, worn, corroded, or that it was improperly installed in the first place.

c) Skylights, notably those in bathrooms, can drip moisture from condensation. This water is not coming from a leak but rather occurring when the moist room air meets the cold surface of the skylight and condenses. This problem can be solved by improving the ventilation in the room.

Today's buildings rarely have enough natural light. We offer repair, replacement or new installation of both standard and custom skylights.



► Siding

Siding ties into re-roofing on many projects and requires attention.

Our carpenters have the capability to do small detailed areas to large strata complexes. 

Here is a list of siding installation methods we offer:

  • Cedar shake/channel/T&G
  • Vinyl
  • Hardi Plank/Shake



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